New Generation Lexus IS 250 and IS 250 F SPORT Debut at Auto Shanghai 2013

April 20, 2013, Shanghai

• New generation Lexus luxury sporty and stylish model IS 250, and IS 250 F SPORT hit the China market, priced between RMB 375,000-550,000
• World premiere of the GS 300h
• Asia premiere of hybrid LF-CC concept car begins the “Year for Hybrid Popularization”
• Lexus’ “Amazing in Motion” global brand campaign officially kicks off in China

Lexus today showcased 13 models from 8 series at the E6 Exhibition Hall during Auto Shanghai 2013, and officially launched the new generation luxury sporty and stylish model IS in the China market. Representing a new peak in Lexus driving performance, the IS series inherits the spirit and exceptional driving performance of the LFA supercar and provides an all-new experience to consumers pursuing fashion, dynamism and individuality. The IS, which has just hit the China market, includes IS 250, and IS 250 F SPORT. The details and MSRPs of the new generation IS series are as follows:

Model \ Edition
Ultra Luxury
IS 250

Mr. Tetsuya Ezumi, Executive Vice President of Lexus China, said, “Lexus has been committed to providing Chinese customers with an extraordinary auto life through our consistent emphasis on quality and people-oriented design. Today, we are honored to introduce the new generation IS to Chinese consumers. It excellently meets the continuously developed needs of the luxury sports car market and injects more energy and passion into traditional luxury. We believe that the new generation IS will become the favored choice of consumers who seek exceptional lifestyle and perfection individuality.”

IS Provides You What You Like
The IS series has been the sporty leader of the Lexus family. Aimed at improving driving pleasure, the new generation IS launched at the show brings a full range of improvements to the exterior, interior, driving performance, and integrated safety measures. It features several Lexus-first configurations and innovative technologies to deliver a truly comprehensive and satisfying driving experience.

In design, the new generation IS adopts the Lexus signature spindle grille, and its F SPORT grade, in particular, features an impressive L-shaped grille inspired by racing cars and radiates a sporty grace. In addition, there are a number of innovative design elements, including the design of L-shaped LED Daytime Running Lights (DRL), which is separated from the headlights to create a stronger and trendier feel. With a 70mm longer wheelbase and 10mm of extra width, it delivers 85mm more rear-seat knee room. A 6/4 split-fold rear seat is being equipped for the first time, enhancing the car’s load-carrying versatility. For the F SPORT edition, an exclusive seat design uses an a new manufacture method to bring long-lasting brace and surrounding perfection, contributing to a dynamic driving journey.

To effectively deliver “driving pleasure,” the new generation IS boasts a superior driving performance. Through the adoption of adhesive body bonding and laser screw welding techniques as well as the additional spot welds, the entire car body receives remarkable improvements in both strength and rigidity, bringing about agile handling and driving comfort. In addition, the IS 250 uses an upgraded steering system with an adjusted bore-stroke ratio and all-new ball screw structure to make steering smoother. It features leading multiple driving modes including: ECO, NORMAL and SPORT, to offer the driver various joy and leading-edge driving experiences.

The joyful driving experience cannot be possible without a comprehensive safety system. The new generation IS 250 Ultra Luxury edition provides a “four safety” experience, including active safety, passive safety, LEXUS G-BOOK, and pedestrian safety. The IS 250 is equipped with a full range of active safety mechanisms including the Pre-Crash System (PCS), the Blind Spot Monitor (BSM), Rear Cross-Traffic Alert (RCTA), Lane Departure Alert (LDA), Auto High Beam system (AHB), and Tire Pressure Monitor System (TPMS) as well as passive safety mechanisms such as 10 industry-leading SRS airbags and an optimized collision-resistant car body structure. In addition, drivers will experience the upgraded LEXUS G-BOOK and the Lexus-first pop-up engine hood. All these combine to create an integrated safety system for driver, passengers as well as pedestrians.

Further, the IS F SPORT is equipped with a Tire Pressure Monitor System (TPMS), which will alert the driver once the unusual tire pressure is monitored. Further, the tire pressure monitor system with auto location is able to transmit signals to illuminate the tire pressure warning light and show the tire pressure warning message on the combination meter’s multi-information to improve safety.

Enjoy the Perfection of Lexus Hybrid Technology
Apart from the all-new IS, the world premier of Lexus GS 300h is another major highlight at the Lexus booth. As the latest hybrid member of the GS family, the GS 300h boasts a 2.5L Atkinson cycle-based D-4S fuel injection engine, with less than 6.0L fuel consumption per 100km and a carbon dioxide emission less than 110g/km, far outperforming similar cars in the same class. The GS 300h also has a significant improvement in safety with the introduction of multiple new features, including heads-up display (HUD) and Rear Cross-Traffic Alert (RCTA), to provide all-round protection.

Additionally, Lexus is also introducing for the first time in Asia the forward-looking hybrid coupe concept car- LF-CC, which again demonstrates the company’s achievements and long-term focus on hybrid technology. The LF-CC is equipped with an all-new and highly efficient 2.5L full hybrid system to achieve less than 100g/km in carbon dioxide emissions while ensuring excellent driving performance. The carbon dioxide emissions of this power system have reached the lowest level in the industry.

Even more eye-catching is the exterior design of the LF-CC which is both luxurious and visually striking. LF-CC presents the boldest interpretation of Lexus’ signature spindle grille and, by discarding the traditional integrated lampshade structure and adopting a unique combination design with three LED lights, outlines a distinctive and stylish front end. Regarding the sides, two bold protruding lines curve along the sides of the engine hood and through the front windscreen, then extend smoothly to the rear of the driving cabin, presenting magnificent grace to the RWD car.

In the "Year for Hybrid Popularization," Lexus aims to increase the percentage of hybrid models to 25% of the company’s total sales in 2013. Therefore, Lexus will step up the promotion of hybrid technologies and products by introducing more hybrid models tailor-made for Chinese consumers and the special editions such as the CT 200h MIDNIGHT EDITION which will be presented at the show, to guide Chinese consumers towards a truly eco-friendly lifestyle.

Progressive Brand Enhancement
This auto show not only brought together a number of Lexus’ star models, but also witnessed Lexus’ brand usher in a new epoch of development with the launch of an all-new global brand campaign. Mr. Kiyotaka Ise, President of Lexus International, attended Lexus’ press conference during the auto show and said, “The China launch of Lexus’ global brand campaign shows Lexus paying great attention to the China market. We hope to go beyond providing cars and continue to bring surprises and amazing moments to Chinese customers, contributing to a lifestyle of joy and leading edge technology. We will fully support and drive deeper into the China market to continually surpass the expectations of Chinese consumers.” This brand campaign covers a wide range of areas including arts, design, collection, and brand demonstration. Lexus’ all-new booth at the show is also an important element and testimony.

In addition, Lexus has been committed to adhering to superior craftsmanship to build unmatched masterpieces which appeal to the senses. Lexus’ products have ranked No.1 many times in J.D. Power ratings of new car quality, product reliability and customer satisfaction. Lexus has also stepped up its R&D efforts in personalized products. In the future, it will introduce a greater number of personalized F SPORT cars to offer more choices to Chinese consumers.

Meticulous customer care also provides Lexus customers with endless surprises and memorable moments. Lexus is the first company in China market to introduce the 4-year/100,000km (6-year/150,000km for hybrid models) free maintenance and repairs warranty and has been focused on bringing care to customers and improving customer satisfaction. Following the announcement of the comprehensive 10-year/250,000km care-free package for batteries in the ES 300h in 2012, Lexus upgraded its industry-leading LEXUS G-BOOK service in its commitment to setting a new benchmark for customer service in China’s luxury car market. At this year’s Auto Shanghai, Lexus allocated an exclusive zone to demonstrate the G-BOOK and provide consumers with an opportunity to experience its people-oriented charm. Additionally, Lexus launched its “certified pre-owned vehicle” business, which enhanced its brand value and customer loyalty through the strict screening standards for second-hand car business.

Meanwhile, Lexus also attaches importance to the diversification and development of its dealer network, which has grown into 103 dealers and is actively advancing into many emerging markets. In addition, Lexus has 18 city showrooms and one satellite service center. To provide more convenience for customers to experience its brand charm and diversified care, Lexus will open more luxury compact 4S in Tier three and Tier four cities this year. .

Lexus China cordially invites you to visit its booth in Hall E6 at the Shanghai New International Expo Center to experience the extraordinary joy and leading edge technology that this global luxury brand brings.

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APPENDIX: Lexus Exhibit Models Synopses
New Generation Lexus Luxury Sporty and Stylish Car IS 250: IS Provides You What You Like
Since its launch, the IS has pursued the excitement of driving. The new generation IS brings a sporty design, improved handling and safety and offers an ideal choice to consumers pursuing fashion, dynamism and individuality.. The sharp Lexus spindle grille radiates even more grace. The new generation IS 250 also features Lexus’ leading multiple driving modes to give the driver a range of driving experiences. In addition, the active and passive safety configurations, upgraded Lexus G-BOOK and the Lexus-first pop-up engine hood will create an integrated safety system for the driver and passengers, as well as pedestrians.

New Generation Lexus Luxury Sporty and Stylish Car IS 250 F SPORT: Ultimate Handling, Upgraded Dynamism
The IS F SPORT pushes the driving experience of the IS 250 to a new peak, and provides an unparalleled driving experience. Inspired by the LFA supercar, the IS 250 has a more visually striking and driver-centered interior. The spindle grille with chrome trim and unique mesh design highlights the sporty spirit of the IS F SPORT. The LFA-inspired innovative dashboard design and unique F SPORT seats create a comprehensive sensory experience. Specially tuned front/rear suspensions and Electronic Power Steering (EPS) bring agile handling, accurate responsiveness and increased riding and driving comfort.

New Generation Hybrid Luxury Sports Sedan GS 300h: Leading Technology, Hybrid Pioneer
As a new force in the Lexus GS line, the new GS 300h, equipped with a highly effective full-hybrid power system, successfully integrates forward-looking environmental protection concepts with a joyful driving experience, and will diversify Lexus’ hybrid line-up. The 2.5L 4-cylinder engine with fuel consumption targeted below 6.0L/100km results in class-leading CO2 emissions of below 110g/km.

Concept Car LF-CC: Inspiring the Future
The model integrates Lexus’ signature spindle grille front face with a futuristic exterior design, bringing a high-tech sense of style. Meanwhile, inspired by the LF-LC concept model, the LF-CC creates an unparalleled driving atmosphere with the use of futuristic elements. The all-new and highly efficient 2.5L hybrid system can ensure an excellent and environmentally friendly driving performance while reducing CO2 emissions to lower than 100g/km, envisioning a stylish future through forward-looking hybrid technology.

New Generation Full Hybrid Sedan CT 200h Limited Special Edition - MIDNIGHT EDITION: Midnight Visitor
To better meet young generation’s needs, the CT 200h Limited Special Edition builds up the package based on Elite Edition with spec-up and it creates more dynamic and individual appearance and cooler experience specially for edgy young customers. The CT 200h creates a new form of driving pleasure, while ensuring low consumption and low emissions. This allows young urbanites to stay calm during the traffic jam, and from it the merits of Lexus’s advanced hybrid system are fully reflected. A striking and sporty black line streaking across the body of MIDNIGHT EDITION extends to the rear door from the front wheel fender. Black stripe wheels, black rear vision mirrors and black roof are in sharp visual contrast with the peal white body. This unique design presents a sporty and cool image and fully demonstrates new male generation’s courage of self-presentation as well as entrepreneurial and pioneering spirits.

Full Hybrid Flagship Sedan LS 600hL: Passionate Green Power Creates Ultimate Luxury Experience
Embodying Lexus’ L-finesse design concept, the new LS 600hL adopts Lexus spindle grille frontal design which presents distinctive tension and provides consumers with all-new Wakudoki experience. Additionally, as the world's first full time all-wheel-drive (AWD) luxury hybrid flagship, LS 600hL is powered by the Lexus Hybrid Drive system that combines a new 5.0-Liter V8 gasoline engine with electric motors to develop a peak combined output of 327 kW, and consume fuel as low as a 3.5-Lite engine. Powered by the Lexus Hybrid Drive system, the LS 600hL will ensure a driving experience that exceeds expectations of the elites who care about the environment while pursue the fun of driving.

New Generation Luxury Sedan ES 250: Open the New Era of Perfectionism
The ES 250 is the luxury sedan of ES series, adopting the Lexus new signature design spindle grille, which accentuates a more refined and mature style. The ES 250 continues the signature comfortable and elegant interior design of the ES series, at the same time features more spacious interior space and the driver-oriented cabin design. The wheelbase, 45mm longer than the previous generation, notably increases the space for back seat passengers. The ES 250 is equipped with a 2.5L V4 engine with Variable Valve Timing with intelligence (VVT-i), along with the six-speed Sequential-shift Automatic Transmission with ECT-i, which ensures a smooth driving experience and is set to a favorite of luxury car buyers.

New Generation Hybrid Luxury Sedan ES 300h: All-new Eco-friendly Driving Option
Featuring a 2.5-liter four-cylinder Atkinson cycle engine, the fuel consumption of the ES 300h is as low as 5.4L/100km, which achieves the best fuel efficiency in its class.. The ES 300h hybrid offers four modes: Normal, Sport, Eco and EV, which bring diversified driving experience to drivers. The introduction of ES 300h not only marks an important milestone in Lexus’ hybrid strategy, but also expands the choice for consumers in the ES series.

High Performance Luxury Sports Sedan GS 250: Leading the Design for the Entire Product Lineup
The new generation GS adopted the spindle grille, Lexus' completely new design signature, and exudes an extraordinary charm of aggressive dynamism and outstanding elegance. The new generation GS 250 can provide up to four driving modes: NORMAL, ECO, SPORT S and SPORT S+. Featuring an innovative design philosophy and advanced technology, the new generation GS 250 will enable more consumers to experience unprecedented driving passion and savor the joy of driving.

High Performance Luxury Sports Sedan GS 350 F SPORT: Move and Turn as You Wish
The new generation GS 350 F SPORT is equipped with a 3.5L V6 24-valve engine with dual Variable Valve Timing with intelligence (VVT-i) and six-speed Sequential-shift Automatic Transmission with ECT-i, which ensures easier handling and incredible acceleration. In addition, the new generation GS 350 F SPORT comes with the Lexus F SPORT kits and the Lexus Dynamic Handling (LDH) system to achieve the ultimate sporty performance. The new generation GS 350 F SPORT also features the second generation Remote Touch system, various people-oriented configurations and industry-leading active and passive safety features, which ensure both exhilarating and relaxing rides.

The Luxury SUV RX 270: A Surging Power in the City
As the first small-displacement luxury SUV Lexus introduced to the China market, the luxury SUV RX 270 extends the market range of the RX series to the small- and medium-sized luxury SUV segments for the first time. The RX 270 is equipped with a 2.7-liter Dual VVT-i engine. While providing surging powers, the newly adjusted engine is more fuel efficient, resulting in fewer and cleaner emissions. The new RX 270 boasts segment-leading interior space.; the luxury SUV RX 270 has opened and led a brand new market segment for city leisure SUVs, leveraging its roomy inner-space and intelligent configurations.

Lexus Full-size Luxury SUV LX 570: Change the Boundary of Your Life
As Lexus’ line-up of full-size, full-function luxury SUVs, the LX series is renowned for its outstanding off-road performance. The LX 570 is equipped with the Lexus signature spindle grille and a 5.7-Liter V8 engine that generate extraordinary output. In addition, the LX 570 provides a full range of new intelligent features: its Off-road Turn Assist function, with the support of the Crawl Control system, improves the vehicle’s performance in cross-country conditions; meanwhile, the Multi-Terrain Select function adapted to the new LX 570 allows drivers to optimize driving performance by choosing from five types of terrain: mountain/mud, concave-convex, macadam, muddy/sand. For those luxury SUV owners at the peak of their careers and families, the ownership of LX 570 is another perfect conquest.

New Generation Hybrid Sedan CT 200h F SPORT: Fashion and Sporty
The CT 200h is equipped with the second-generation Lexus Hybrid Drive system and 1.8L Atkinson-cycle engines for the very first time, which can provide a maximum power of 73Kw/5200rpm and a peak torque of 142Nm/4000rpm. When its gasoline engine is performing optimally, the CT 200h can achieve the power performance of a 2.0L engine, with gross fuel consumption of 4.6L/100km and extra-low CO2 emissions of 107g/km. In addition, the CT200h F SPORT comes with the Lexus F SPORT kits. The F SPORT exclusive ornament and the sportier suspension and pedal help to achieve the ultimate sporty performance.