Evolving for Change - Lexus' New Full Hybrid Flagship Sedan LS600hL Makes China Premiere

November 22, 2012 – Guangzhou

Today, Lexus introduced 11 star models in 9 series at the 10th China (Guangzhou) International Automobile Exhibition under the theme "Evolving for Change". Among them, the new full hybrid flagship model, the LS600hL, with brand new design, intelligent luxury features, extraordinary tranquility and comfort, attracted the most attention of the new models premiered in China. 
"As a full-hybrid full-time all-wheel-drive flagship luxury sedan, the LS600hL embodies the very essence of Lexus brand's design philosophy and inherits Lexus' innate qualities of sophistication and elegance," said Shoju Nozaki, Executive Vice President of Lexus China. "I believe that with its unique content and charm, the new LS600hL will win the hearts of high-end consumers in China. During the year, Lexus has been honoring its commitment to making changes. It has not only introduced 12 new models, but also made continuous efforts to upgrade its service quality, so as to win more smiles from satisfied customers. We will continue to challenge ourselves to make more progress and plant our roots deeper into the China market."
Cutting-edge technologies lead innovation 
The new LS600hL has over 3,000 upgrades, 12 "Lexus-first" features and technical innovations. The LS600hL is the first Lexus model to use all-LED exterior lighting system including headlamps, daytime running lamps, steering lamps, front fog lamps, and combination rear lamps. The LED fog lamps incorporate the world's smallest PES lenses, which consume 70% less energy than ordinary fog lamps. The Advanced Illumination System (AIS) that LS600hL equipped has been installed the world's first light transition technology in the instrument panel, and bathe the cabin in a new soft royal white light, which present a unique sense of luxury. The Lexus Climate Concierge, equipped on the new LS600hL, is the world's first climate control complex integrating independent heating and cooling systems, including interior conditioner, and seat and steering wheel heating systems to offer customized temperature settings, so as to achieve greatest comfort possible. 
In addition, the LS600hL's air suspension system works in concert with an Adaptive Variable Suspension (AVS) system to achieve the highest degree of stability when driving. The LS600hL adopts up to five selectable driving modes: ECO, COMFORT, NORMAL, SPORT S and SPORT S+, optimizing the driver's options and diversified driving dynamics.
Brand-new design only for the exclusive few
The LS600hL features a new signature design element – the spindle grille, which adds a fashionable and dynamic breath to the already elegant car body in an ingenious way. With an even lower center of gravity, the harmoniously integrated front wings and grille manifest a dignified and sophisticated character. Excellent Lexus craftsmanship is found in each and every detail of the new LS interior and embodies the L-finesse design concept. The combination of the "Shimamoku" wood steering wheel and the soft delicate leather present a sense of refined elegance and luxury. The console has been extended to open up to a marvelously spacious interior, and the center console's 12.3-inch LCD screen helps to focus the driver's attention to improve driving safety. The upgraded second-generation Remote Touch also provides even more flexible and convenient operations. 
Hybrid technology reinforces green philosophy  
The LS600hL, powered by Lexus' full hybrid technology, is equipped with a 5.0L V8 engine and motor, producing a maximum power of 327kw/445hp and consuming fuel as low as a 3. 5L V6 engine. It perfectly embodies Lexus' luxury car concepts of green technology and sustainable development. 
Peerless driving quietness achieves perfection
With comprehensively improved engine, road and wind noise sound insulation, the new LS600hL boasts quiet driving experience and is the first Lexus to adopt noise-reduction tires. The ultimate tranquility is also accompanied by a perfect video and audio system. The Lexus LS600hL rear seat entertainment system features a high definition Blu-ray® player which, coupled with the Mark Levinson® 7.1-channel surround sound system, delivers a stunning audio-visual entertainment experience.  
Unparalleled safety delivers all-around care
The LS600hL is equipped with an industry-leading integrated safety system to provide comprehensive care and protection for its occupants. The new laser screw welding and adhesive body bonding techniques enhance shock absorption and better suppress deformation than traditional welding methods. The upgraded Pre-Crash Safety system (PCS) assists to avoid e collisions or mitigate the collision damages to the largest extent. The Lane Keep Assist system (LKA) offers assistance in response to lane changes and crosswinds. Furthermore, the LS600hL is equipped with an Adaptive High-beam System (AHB), Blind Spot Monitor (BSM) system, Driver Monitor with closed-eye detection, and Lexus Night View to provide a comprehensive safe driving package helping with switching lighting, alleviating fatigue, broadening field of view, and driving in night. 
Unique booth leads exhilarating experience 
The design of the Lexus booth at this year's Guangzhou exhibition takes inspiration from the new spindle grille design element, with the smooth spindle-shaped stage perfectly echoing the spindle grille frontal styling of the cars on the stage, creating a strong visual impact. Its area, at 1,470 square meters, is also the largest since Lexus' first participation in the Guangzhou Motor Show, which underscores the great importance Lexus attaches to and its long-term commitment towards the China market. In addition, the booth has two special zones dedicated to hybrid cars and the F SPORT series, which showcase Lexus' all-new luxury car philosophy and unique brand character through a full array of exhibits.  
Aside from the release of the LS600hL, Lexus' LFA crystal sculpture is another undisputed highlight of the motor show. The LFA crystal sculpture is a life-size crystal reproduction of the Lexus LFA, jointly created by Lexus and famous Japanese designer, Sou Fujimoto. The finely-crafted crystal car presents all parts of the car in vivid detail, especially the body contour, internal engine, seats, steering wheel, and console, and fully conveys the elegance and speed of the car, giving visitors a more intuitive understanding of Lexus' sophisticated design and manufacturing concepts. 
Constant evolution toward a brave new future
Since it entered the China market in 2005, Lexus has always been committed to its philosophy of the "Passionate Pursuit of Perfection" and has won the love and trust of countless Chinese consumers. China has now grown into Lexus' second-largest global market. In the first ten months of the year, Lexus recorded satisfying results, with its sales growing 32% over the same period of last year. 
Looking back at 2012 thus far, "change" has been a key word underlying Lexus' growth and progress in China. This year, Lexus has introduced a record number of 12 new models to the China market. The new generation ES, in particular, was designed and developed with the needs of Chinese consumers taken into consideration, and has been well received. As the inaugural year of Lexus' hybrid era in China, 2012 also saw the introduction of three Lexus hybrid models in the China market, beginning a new chapter for hybrid cars in the country. Lexus' hybrid models have achieved great success in the China market, where they now account for 22% of all Lexus sales and more than 80% of all luxury hybrid car sales in China. 
This year, we will continue to improve Lexus' sales network while ensuring steady operations by our dealers. By the end of 2012, we will have 100 authorized dealerships and more showrooms put into operation. In addition, we will further drive the quality of services provided by our dealerships through the CARAVAN campaign and Dealer Service Skills Contest. Lexus recently secured first place in the 2012 China Initial Quality Study sm released by J.D. Power. Moreover, Lexus has displayed a more diversified brand image for consumers and has won more consumers by sponsoring the Cup of China ISU Grand Prix of Figure Skating and Lexus Figure Skating Free Open Day.
In 2013, Lexus will accelerate the pace of "change" and press ahead with an all-around effort to make improvements in areas including product introduction, after-sales service, distribution network and brand building, in a bid to deliver an all-new luxury car experience to Chinese consumers. Next year, Lexus will continue to provide new products and upgrade services much anticipated by Chinese consumers. As Lexus moves from the "Inaugural Year of China's Hybrid Era" into the "Year for Hybrid Popularization" in 2013, we will continue to promote full-hybrid technology and concepts in the China market. In the future, even more exciting and distinct F SPORT cars will be introduced to Chinese consumers, offering richer driving options for the new generation of China's high-end consumer. We will also launch a series of global brand initiatives to enable the Lexus brand to really take root in the China market and win over the hearts of more Chinese consumers.
We invite you to visit Lexus' booth from November 22 to December 2, at Hall 5.1 in the China Import and Export Commodities Fair (Pazhou) Complex to have an up-close and personal experience with Lexus' unique brand charm and intimately see the surprising changes made by Lexus.
For more information, please visit Lexus China's official Weibo: www.weibo.com/lexuscn.
APPENDIX: Lexus Exhibit Models Synopses
Full Hybrid Flagship Sedan LS600hL: A Perfect Balance of Green and Power 
As the world's first full time all-wheel-drive (AWD) luxury hybrid flagship, LS600hL is powered by the Lexus Hybrid Drive system that combines a new 5.0-Liter V8 gasoline engine with electric motors to develop a peak combined output of 327 kW, and consume fuel as low as a 3.5-Lite engine.. Powered by the Lexus Hybrid Drive system, the LS600hL is a great offering for the modern social elites who care about the environment and are committed to promoting environmental protection, and contributes to sustainable development in the auto industry. 
New Luxury Flagship Sedan LS460L: Pristine Silence with Perfection in Design
The new LS460L continues to carry LS model's luxury and elegance with an impressive new style featuring the Lexus spindle grille design, and largely enhances riding comfort and quietness. The combination of advanced technologies efficiently lower the noises of LS460L and allows a excellent level of conversation clarity in the rear seat when the vehicle is travelling at 100 km/h. the LS460L could drive from 0-100 km/h in only 6.1 seconds and attains a top speed of 250km/h. As Lexus' luxury flagship model, the LS460L has exceeded the brand standard with industry-leading design, delicate craftsmanship, amazing riding experience and outstanding safety.
New Generation Luxury Sedan ES250: Open the New Era of Perfectionism
The ES250 is the small displacement luxury sedan of ES series, adopting the Lexus new signature design spindle grille, which accentuates a more refined and mature style. The ES250 continues the signature comfortable and elegant interior design of the ES series, at the same time features more spacious interior space and the driver-oriented cabin design. The wheelbase, 45mm longer than the previous generation, notably increases the space for back seat passengers. The ES250 is equipped with a 2.5L V4 engine with Variable Valve Timing with intelligence (VVT-i), along with the six-speed Sequential-shift Automatic Transmission with ECT-i, which ensures a smooth driving experience and is set to a favorite of luxury car buyers.
New Generation Hybrid Luxury Sedan ES300h: All-new Eco-friendly Driving Option
For the first time, the Lexus ES is available with Lexus Hybrid Drive by the introduction of the ES300h, which is unveiled to global consumers at the 2012 New York International Auto Show. Featuring a 2.5-liter four-cylinder Atkinson cycle engine, the fuel consumption of the ES300h is as low as 5.4L/100km, which achieves the best fuel efficiency in its class.. The ES300h hybrid offers four modes: Normal, Sport, Eco and EV, which bring diversified driving experience to drivers. The introduction of ES300h not only marks an important milestone in Lexus' hybrid strategy, but also expands the choice for consumers in the ES series.
High Performance Luxury Sports Sedan GS250: Leading the Design for the Entire Product Lineup 
The new generation GS adopted the spindle grille, Lexus' completely new design signature, and exudes an extraordinary charm of aggressive dynamism and outstanding elegance. The new front design will lead the rest of the lineup in an entirely new direction. The new generation GS250 can provide up to four driving modes: NORMAL, ECO, SPORT S and SPORT S+. Featuring an innovative design philosophy and advanced technology, the new generation GS250 will enable more consumers to experience unprecedented driving passion and savor the joys of driving. 
High Performance Luxury Sports Sedan GS350 F SPORT: Move and Turn as You Wish 
The new generation GS350 F SPORT is equipped with the Lexus signature spindle grille, and it forms a highly dynamic front layout along with its L-shaped LED daytime running lights. The new generation GS350 F SPORT is also equipped with a 3.5L V6 24-valve engine with dual Variable Valve Timing with intelligence (VVT-i) and six-speed Sequential-shift Automatic Transmission with ECT-i, which ensures easier handling and incredible acceleration. In addition, the new generation GS350 F SPORT comes with the Lexus F SPORT kits and the Lexus Dynamic Handling (LDH) system to achieve the ultimate sporty performance. The new generation GS350 F SPORT also features the second generation Remote Touch system, various people-oriented configurations and industry-leading active and passive safety features, which ensure both exhilarating and relaxing rides.
The Luxury SUV RX270: A Surging Power in the City
As the first small-displacement luxury SUV Lexus introduced to the China market, the luxury SUV RX270 extends the market range of the RX series to the small- and medium-sized luxury SUV segments for the first time. The RX270 is equipped with a 2.7-liter L4 DOHC valve Dual VVT-i engine. While providing surging powers, the newly adjusted engine is more fuel efficient, resulting in fewer and cleaner emissions. The new RX270 is equipped with the Lexus' spindle grille and boasts segment-leading interior space. Adhering to the elegant style of the RX series, the luxury SUV RX270 has opened and led a brand new market segment for city leisure SUVs, leveraging its roomy inner-space and intelligent configurations.
The Luxury SUV RX350: A Representation of New Generation Luxury SUV
The luxury SUV RX350 provides a high level of driving fun and driving comfort, with the exceptional elegance and poise of the RX series. With an optimized engine and various intelligent features on board, it once again leads the development trends of vehicles in the same segment. Being the first Lexus model outside of the Japanese domestic market to be equipped with Lexus G-BOOK, the all-new RX350 is linked to the Lexus call center via wireless network, supplying high quality telematic service to car owners. The second-generation Remote Touch information system makes operation as easy as clicking your home computer's mouse. From revolutionary handling to the elegant exterior designs, and from intelligent features to safety designs, the RX350 has once again created an unparalleled paradigm for the luxury SUV segment.
Hybrid Luxury SUV RX450h: Intelligent Innovations for Pure Power Performance 
Launched in March 2012, the new RX450h's new spindle grille design forms a dynamic front look. The new RX450h allows drivers to choose between three different modes - NORMAL, ECO and SPORT, with the SPORT mode offers quicker acceleration than before. This new RX450h's hybrid power system takes advantage of the 3.5L V6 gas engine and electric motor, generating an impressive 220 KW power output, but still expressing Lexus' concern for the environment with incredible fuel efficiency. As a representative of breakthrough innovations on a hybrid luxury SUV, the RX450h is a perfect testimony to Lexus' achievements in the fields of hybrid technologies and intelligent innovations.
Lexus Full-size Luxury SUV LX570: Change the Boundary of Your Life 
As Lexus' line-up of full-size, full-function luxury SUVs, the LX series is renowned for its outstanding off-road performance. The new LX570 is equipped with the Lexus signature spindle grille and a 5.7-Liter V8 engine that generate extraordinary output. In addition, the new LX570 provides a full range of new intelligent features: its Off-road Turn Assist function, with the support of the Crawl Control system, improves the vehicle's performance in cross-country conditions; meanwhile, the Multi-Terrain Select function adapted to the new LX570 allows drivers to optimize driving performance by choosing from five types of terrain: rock, rock and dirt, loose rock, mud and sand, and mogul. For those luxury SUV owners at the peak of their careers and families, the ownership of LX570 is another perfect conquest.
New Generation Hybrid Sedan CT200h: A Paragon of New Luxury 
The CT200h is the world's first full hybrid luxury compact sedan with a full hybrid drive system. Inheriting Lexus L-finesse design philosophy, the CT200h takes power performance and dynamic balance to a new level. Styled for optimum aerodynamic efficiency, the CT200h, with a highly distinctive, sharp-edged appearance, represents a perfect blend of tranquility and passion, elegance and charm. The application of Lexus' mature full hybrid power system reduces CT200h's fuel consumption to an incredibly low 4.6L/100km, and the electronically controlled Continuously Variable Transmission (ECVT) system, which is exclusive to hybrid vehicles, creates a smoother and more comfortable riding experience. Its launch enriched the brand's array of hybrid drive models, and consolidated Lexus' leading advantage in full hybrid technology research and development.
New Generation Hybrid Sedan CT200h F SPORT: Fashion and Sporty
The CT200h is equipped with the second-generation Lexus Hybrid Drive system and a straight 4-cylinder 1.8L Atkinson-cycle engines for the very first time, which can provide a maximum power of 73Kw/5200rpm and a peak torque of 142Nm/4000rpm. When its gasoline engine is performing optimally, the CT200h can achieve the power performance of a 2.0L engine, with gross fuel consumption of 4.6L/100km and extra-low CO2 emissions of 107g/km. In addition, the CT200h F SPORT comes with the Lexus F SPORT kits. The F SPORT exclusive ornament and the sportier suspension and pedal help to achieve the ultimate sporty performance.